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healthy habits for a healthy lifestyleThere are ways to change your lifestyle and choose natural options for exceptional health and reap the benefits of your healthy choices.

It is a matter of choice whether to stick to bad habits or to make an effort to change and introduce a few healthy daily habits.

The routine may take time to adjust to. The idea here is to keep things simple and it will make it easier to adopt some healthy habits that will be beneficial to living a healthy lifestyle.

start the day with lemon and warerStart The Day Off Right

The first drink of the day is vitally important for starting the day off right, by hydrating and giving the body system a good kick start and assisting with the detox process.

Water or herbal tea and lemon is a very simple and effective way of doing this. Hot, cold, half a lemon, whole lemon? This depends on each individual. Rather, develop a healthy habit that can be sustained, than not doing it at all because the recipe does not suit the palate.

Adapt things to personal choice to maintain good health habits.

The habit of starting the day with a cup of coffee can be changed by delaying the treat to later in the morning when the cup can be thoroughly enjoyed with a healthy breakfast or during a break. Make it a habit to relish that cup of coffee. Not to gulp it down on the run and forget to appreciate the taste and aroma of a cup of coffee!

eat a healthy breakfastEat A Healthy Breakfast 

The body would normally have fasted for a long stretch and to get a great start to the day, eating a healthy breakfast is a good habit to establish. With a busy schedule, this can be a difficult habit to get into but it is an important one. It is worth planning and making a healthy breakfast daily to establish a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy well-balanced breakfast will sustain the body for a good length of time and can prevent the munchies from developing later in the day and eating unhealthy choices.

Combining protein with greens is a great way to start the day, power-packed with nutrition that will have numerous health benefits.

A great way to establish a lifestyle of being energetic and productive.

plan a break from activityPLAN  A BREAK FROM ACTIVITY

Time-out is another habit that needs to be considered. Plan daily when to take a break from activity. This can be an opportunity to savor a cup of coffee or tea.

Take a water consumption check. Illness can be caused by dehydration. Adding Himalayan Salt to water has many health benefits. Himalayan salt contains all the minerals the body requires and will assist with hydration.  The minute a hint of a headache is felt, drinking water with Himalayan Salt can alleviate the symptom.

A good habit to establish is that for every hour of sitting take 5 minutes to stand and stretch the legs and the body. The luxury of having a standing desk is great if one needs to spend hours at a desk.

take a power napWhen the body is drained and the mind fogged, instead of ploughing through the day on low reserves, take a power nap which will help restore the system and the remainder of the day will be enjoyable and productive.

Finding time to relax in a natural environment is great. The benefits of withdrawing to a place where the natural beauty of the world we live in can be appreciated are soothing. It is a fact that walking barefoot, sitting or lying on the ground has health benefits. Our body draws in electrons from the Earth which is beneficial to all parts of the body.

In our hi-tech busy life, simple things like taking short breaks in a pleasant environment are something to consider. It can help to de-stress and refocus on the challenges of life.

exercise is a necessity of lifeExercise Is A Necessity Of Life

To enjoy a lifestyle of healthy habits, establishing a routine of exercise is vital. It is not necessary to make this a daily habit but it must be a regular habit. The body is geared to be exercised to keep it healthy. Therefore, choosing a form of exercise that is enjoyable and fits in with an individuals’ lifestyle is important.

The exercise must be done regularly and the level of endurance increased to create a desired level of fitness.

Create Healthy Habits

Bad habits are harmful and it is worth the effort to stop! Bad habits will become progressive, it is important to make good decisions about ways to stop bad habits.

Change is not easy and it takes time to establish a habit that can become part of a healthy lifestyle. Small changes can make an incredible difference. Therefore, rather than trying too many changes, selecting one and working on that until it is established, is a way of going about changing from bad habits to good habits.

The reward of enjoying a healthy life in a well functioning body is worth kicking bad habits and developing good habits.

 get a good nights sleepGet A Good Nights Sleep

The body needs time to go through a multitude of processes to regenerate and keep the body system in good working order. Getting a good quality nights sleep is vital.

There are ways to assist in getting a good nights sleep:-

  • Eating a light meal that is easy to digest in good time before retiring to bed
  • Drinking a herbal tea that will assist the body to relax
  • Creating a comfortable environment to sleep in
  • A dark room is important to help the body into a deep sleep
  • Setting the right temperature
  • Going to bed at the right time, not being overtired

Find ways that suit you to enjoy a good nights sleep, to wake up refreshed and start a new productive day.

I hope this has encouraged you to spend some time in planning daily habits that will lead to an enjoyable healthy lifestyle.

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Sharing Is Caring

2 thoughts on “Natural Options For Exceptional Health”

  1. Hello there, Tania.
    Great article.
    Yes, we need to have a routine that will prove beneficial to our overall health indeed. I am not a ‘breakfast person’ or a ‘morning person’ for that matter, however, I can see myself implementing the routine of drinking some lemon water in the form of a hot or cold beverage to simply be the first thing to cleanse the system! As a matter of fact, I will try it starting tomorrow. I love citrus and I could also use the energizing properties that come from the lemon zest as well.
    I have to work on my sleep though – I find that I do not sleep enough. I will try the warm tea before sleeping -every little bit helps!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Hello Michelle
      It is great to try new things and then see how they improve general well being. Hope you do give the warm citrus drink in the morning a try.
      Sleep is so essential for the body to do repair and regenerating work and finding ways to get good sleep is beneficial.
      Thank you for reading and commenting on the post.

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