When To Deactivate The Brain Behind The Business

deactivate the brain behind the business
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Our brains are the most important real estate. We need to take care of this vital piece of real estate and know when to deactivate the brain behind the business.

For some years now I have been following Dr. Caroline Leaf who is a ” cognitive neuroscientist” She explains the brain and how it functions in layman terms. The phrase I have used about the brain is an important part of real estate is from Dr. Leaf.   For more info, Dr. Leaf’s website is:- https://drleaf.com/

Disconnect From Devices For 24 Hours

The year has had a hectic start which has had my brain doing ultra marathons. I am building an online business and this website is the result of me learning how to create a website from scratch. I am accomplishing things that give me deep personal satisfaction.

pocket calculatorI predate the pocket calculator and if I mention that word in front of my Grandies, they will ask “Nana, now what are you on about?” This means that the challenges are huge, learning the technology of building a website, adapting to social media, making and sticking to a schedule and the list goes on.

The intense depth of mental gymnastics is a new life experience. The business has been consuming me, there has been an exciting and stimulating buzz, but I realized that our brain, minds and physical body need the time out.

I decided to disconnect from work weekly for 24 hours. The cell phone is on but not on me. From 1700 on a Friday afternoon to 1700 on a Saturday afternoon, the office is closed.

Discipline Is What It Takes To Change A Pattern

My lifestyle change has just completed two Saturdays. On the first Saturday, I switched on my laptop because there was a blog swirling in my brain and I had to get it done. Fortunately, before hitting the keyboard, I disconnected the laptop.

I stood there and lectured myself about this now being an issue of self-discipline!

On Friday evening I sat down and relaxed and felt deep fatigue, mental and physical. It was because I was aware of what I was doing that I noted the fatigue. My system needed rest and repair time.

24 hours of down timeThis past Saturday I switched off my tablet (we are in a serious relationship) and for twenty-four hours I was disconnected from the land of WiFi and internet.

Sunday is a family day, a day to relax and catch up, rather than focus on business. It is a casual dabbling day, where I can choose to go on the internet or not.

Monday morning I felt refreshed and ready to go with the demands of a new week.

A Day Off Requires A Schedule

During the 24 hours of downtime, I do not want to have any HAVE TO’S. Therefore, I need a schedule to keep me on track.

I do not want to have to go to the shops – the place is double crazy on a Saturday.

Make sure reading material is available in paper form

There needs to be a guideline of what I can do. I do not want to spend the time gazing into space.

It has been great to accomplish things that have been neglected because of the busyness of my work schedule.

how to feed the brainHow To Feed The Brain

The article is focused on the brain, but in reality, what we eat and drink affects our whole body, it is not possible to isolate the brain and eat and drink to boost that part of the body.

What we eat and drink is vital to how our whole body system functions. Making wise choices will have the benefits of a well functioning body system.

Cutting out processed foods, sugars, colorants, preservatives and focusing on fresh wholesome food prepared and eaten in a relaxed atmosphere helps the body to perform all the functions for the food and drink to be absorbed efficiently into our systems.

Foods that are particularly good for the brain:-

  • Beetroot – increases blood to the brain
  • Blue Berries – excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to protect the brain from aging
  • Coffee – caffeine has antioxidant properties which will increase alertness and help concentration
  • Dark Chocolate, Cocoa – good for learning and memory and can slow down the age-related mental decline
  • Fatty fish – good source of omega 3 which helps build the brain and nerve cells
  • Eggs – good source of Vit 6 and 12 which assist with the development of brain function
  • Tumeric – powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, can ease depression, helps brain cells grow
  • Nuts – contain healthy fats and vitamin E which protects the brain from free radical damage
  • Rosemary – Excellent for the memory, the scent of the herb will uplift the mood and help the brain
  • Sage – Great for the memory, contains properties to prevent and assist Alzheimer’s
  • Lemon Balm – a calming herb that will lift the mood, help anxiety and assist with sleep.

for the sake of sleepFor The Sake Of Sleep

The benefits of a good sleep pattern cannot be overemphasized. Our bodies need to go through a series of motions to process regenerate and heal which helps to keep the human body, mind, and spirit functioning well.

In Herbal Medicine one major aspect is getting to the root of the problem and working from there to resolve issues.

A person may need to stop doing something to prevent or avert medical conditions.

Intake of foods and beverages will have an effect on sleep.

One day a worker came in late from a lunchtime break and said ‘eeeish I slept like a dead person’ It has always reminded me that even during the day our bodies can benefit from a power nap.

Suffering from headaches, migraines or bad sleep patterns could all be traced back to what and when food and beverages have been consumed throughout the day.

Setting up a routine and a schedule to get the deep relaxing healing sleep that our human body requires is important.

health happiness contentmentTake Care of The Brain And The Whole Body

The human body is unique and given the right treatment it can heal and regenerate.

It is up to each one of us in our different environments to work out routines and schedules that will have a balance between all the activities of our lifestyle.

We can enjoy good health, success, and contentment.

How is your life balanced, do you need to take drastic action, or do you have it all together. It would be great to get opinions and ideas and drop a comment below.

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Sharing Is Caring

8 thoughts on “When To Deactivate The Brain Behind The Business”

  1. Life is a struggle, and once we have life, we will always have to struggle. Tania, this article related to me when I was starting out in my business. It is always hard when starting out with something that is new. Is like a vehicle, more energy is used when the vehicle is just started to move, but once that vehicle gets up to a certain speed, the energy reduces, the vehicle has it mainstream speed. and after some distance is okay to pull over and take a break.

    You listed some very natural products for feeding the brain when we do take that rest, and that is very important. Lemon balm is my favorite cause I constantly using my brain to venture into new things. Thank you for sharing this with us, and all the best on your journey building your business. Take care.

    1. Hello David, yes building a business does take stamina, I enjoy your analogy. Lemon Balm is great, I enjoy it in the evening after a long slog on the computer!
      May you continue to enjoy great success with your business too.

  2. I really have a problem with deactivating my brain so this is very helpful to me. At night when I try to go to sleep my brain is still active and going a million different places thing about this or that. I’m still looking for the shut off switch.

  3. Great article about keeping a healthy mind and body when creating an online business.

    Anyone that has ever attempted or owns a business online can tell you it takes a lot of work — which means many hours in front of a computer each and every week.

    I agree that it’s important to disconnect for atleast 1 day, unwind, and just let your mind body and eyes relax.

    I think this not only makes you feel better, but also gives you more energy and drive in the upcoming week.

    1. Yes, Michael it is important. I make Saturday a rest day hut still have to discipline myself continually! I do feel better for the change of routine and doing other activities.

  4. Dear Tania,

    Thanks for the post on “When To Deactivate The Brain Behind The Business”. I do agree with you when you said “Discipline Is What It Takes To Change A Pattern”. Yes this the best I like about herbal medicines it addresses the core problem and solve it from the root.

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello, Paul, You have mentioned a major point about herbal medicine getting to the core of the problem- it is vital to work from that point to help health issues. Thanks again for reading and leaving a comment.

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